2012 Open 50

The 2012 Open 50 was held on Saturday 28th July on J4/16.

Simon Bridge repeated his win of 2011 in a stunning 1:45:52. Simon only just missed setting a new event record. The record – 1:45:49 – which for four years was also the course and district record was set by Charles McCulloch in 2005. The course record – 1:43:18 – was set by Michael Hutchinson in the 2009 National 50.

At the HQ at Cranage we were in the sun most of the afternoon and evening with just a few drops of rain. At the Knutsford end of the course riders had to contend with torrential rain and hail! The conditions make Simon’s time even more remarkable.

The start sheet is available to view here.

The result sheet is available to view here.

  • 2018 Open 50

    We are re-running the Open 50 at 2:30 pm on the 1st September using J4/16.

    HQ will be Marthall Village Hall.

    Start and finish points closer to Marthall will be used to avoid a 7 mile ride to the start and back from the finish.

    Rob Bailey will be pleased to hear from anyone who can help on the day.