Peace Memorial Trophy

The Peace Memorial Trophy

At Alderley in April 1947 Harry Wilson, the donor, formally presented the Peace Memorial Trophy to the Club. There was no doubt from the way he spoke that of all the many services he has performed for the Club and the many generous gestures he has made to it, nothing has given him so much pleasure as presenting the Peace Memorial Trophy. In accepting the trophy on behalf of the Club, the President (Stan Wild) thanked Harry most sincerely, and expressed the pleasure of us all that Harry had himself chosen the trophy, and such a magnificent one it is too!

In April 1947 it was valued at 100 guineas. It is made of solid silver, weighing 70 ounces, and is decorated with 24 carat gold gilt which sets it off in a handsome fashion. (Unfortunately, years of enthusiastic polishing have worn off the gilt on the outside and only the inside gilding remains.) The trophy rests on a double tiered ebony plinth containing 24 shields on which will be inscribed the winner of our open ’50’ each year. (This has, of course, since been modified to include more shields. The photograph shows the trophy with a new plinth which became necessary as the old plinth had no more space for additional shields.)

The first winner was D.K. Hartley of the Dukinfield CC winner of the 1946 Open ’50’. To read the names on all the shields is akin to reading a ‘Who’s Who’ of Time Trialling. Those included are Keith Stacey (BAR), Roy Cromack, Dave Lloyd, Keith Boardman, Alan Roberts, Phil Griffiths, Chris Boardman MBE, and Andy Wilkinson. In 1998 the Club promoted the National Championship ’50’ and the trophy was presented to joint winners Ian Gilkes and Richard Prebble.

The most prolific winners were Reuben Firth (Altrincham Ravens) with four victories and Alan Roberts (three different clubs) with five.  In 2017 Charles Taylor won the trophy for the fifth year in a row. A complete list of winners can be found here.

The inscription on the Trophy reads:

The Cheshire Roads Club
Peace Memorial Trophy
Presented by Harry Wilson Esq.
To Commemorate the Service
Of Members in HM Forces
and the Termination of
World War II


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