2013 Hill Climb Championship

The 2013 championship was held on Long Hill on Sunday 13th October.

Pos. Rider Club Time
1 Mark Francis Big Dogs 13:14
2 George Coghlan Janus RC 14:26
3 Rob Bailey Cheshire Roads Club 15:37
4 Robert Pierce Janus RC 16:08
5 Andrew Short Janus RC 20:03
6 Pete Brocklehurst Janus RC 21:09

Timekeepers: Phil Fern & Maurice Green

Pusher off: Ged Atkinson

Recorder: Pam Fern.

  • New Club Captain

  • We have a new club captain! Terry Crosswell has agreed to take over the post from Phil! Thank you Terry.
    Terry would appreciate suggestions for destinations and offers to lead rides. He can be contacted through the Contact form.