Arthur Drayton Trophy

The Arthur Drayton Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the Junior Time Trial Champion. It’s origins were quite difficult to arrive at as very little was written about Arthur Drayton. He joined the ‘Chesh’ in February 1939, Proposed by Stan Wild and Seconded by Dick Gerrard. He was obviously a rider of great potential, he entered his first ‘Open’ event in April ’39, the Withington Wheelers Novices ’25’ and was leading with 3 miles to go. He was on at least a 1-9 (the winner clocked 1-11) when, on attempting to take a bottle being handed up to him, he crashed heavily and was unable to finish. He won the handicap award in his first ’50’ clocking 2-16-53 and was fastest ‘Chesh’ rider in the Wheelers’ ‘100’ with 5-2-48 in very inclement conditions. He actually beat the great Alf Hammond, Freddy Turner and Bert Mathieu. He won the Handicap Championship that year from Dennis Spearing as well as being fastest ‘Chesh’ rider in several interclub events and Opens.

He saw active service with the ADC and was lost in the Middle East on 25 May 1941.

The first winner of the Trophy, presented by his parents in his memory was Harry Allin in 1945. The last holder was Mike Bailey. The fastest holder was Dave Couch with 26.58 mph in 1973 although Jim Timmons, winner in 1980, does not have his speed recorded in the record books, but was possibly faster than Couch. The list of winners reads like a ‘Chesh’ Who’s Who, with E R Jones, Pilling, Norris, Conway, Hammond, G R Mathieu, Couch (3 times), Levesley, Binder, Black, Cox, Ridley and Dipper all appearing on the plinth.

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