2014 Hill Climb Championship

The 2014 championship was held on Long Hill on Sunday 12th October.

Pos. Rider Club Time
1 George Coghlan Janus RC 13:26
2 Rob Bailey Cheshire Roads Club 15:58
3 Dave Wright Cheshire Roads Club 16:25
4 James Verity Cheshire Roads Club 17:15
5 Steve Harper Janus RC 17:51
6 Kyle Fletcher Janus RC 22:21
7 Harry Fletcher Janus RC 22:45

Timekeepers: Phil Fern & Maurice Green

Pusher off: Pete Levene

Recorder: Pam Fern.

  • 2020 Hill Climb – Cancelled

    The Hill Climb Championships which should have been held on Sunday 4th October on Long Hill has been cancelled due to the road being completely closed to traffic for around 2 weeks from Monday 28th September.